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This portfolio contain works from 2005 till 2017.

Nick, Oil on Canvas, 80x74cm, 2017

Step Seven

Step Seven / Portrait CH, Oil on Canvas, 110x90cm, 2017.


Freckle / Portrait, Acrylic and Oil on Canvas, 65x70cm, 2016.

Cheek / PG 

Cheek / Portrait, Acrylic on Canvas, 80x70cm, 2016


Womb, Acrylic and Oil on Canvas, 125x125cm, 2016.

Cheek  project / Hey

Larynx, Visual writing, Digital work, 2016

“H E Y” to address the other, shout or even whisper and speak very softly, using one's breath especially for the sake of love

Cheek / Video

The video cheek is an animation film display Visual text and images from Syria.
Sound: Composed from 5 sec of music from Anouar Brahem, Ramy - Madar Album.
Duration: 00:01:31 , 2015. --> More Info

Cheek / Visual writing 

I have a dream, Visual writing, Digital work, 2012 - 2017

About Cheek:

The work "Cheek" is a series of images from Syria, of people and their stories. Harsh images and videos of massacres published in the media. Images hard to watch. During the last three years 2011/2012/2013, I was writing on these images what I see in the image itself. 
The visual text ... consists of words written on images of people or places in and from Syria. Calling things by their names ... to remind ourselves that they exist! Writing words or the names of what we see ... no more. "Ear, Eye, Brow, Window, Blood, Nose, Child, Neck, Throat, Chin, Shoulder, Heart, Mother, Fingers, Cheek...”.
—> More info

Radio Station, Visual writing, Digital work, 2012 - 2016

Was ist heute meine  S T O R Y  !?

Mouth, Transparent paper / Plexiglas, 33cm X 20cm, 2013

Snowflakes project 

"Snowflakes": 784 Invoice Papers, 7x10cm. it’s a document recording wishes and definitions of people whom the artist has met in the course of a long journey in the EU and the Middle-East. 2009 - 2012 
Snowflakes film, a Loop Film displays the invoice papers. Duration:  00:02:06

Loop Film „One Meeting“  a film show the moment when the people write on the papers.
Loop Film „Words Flakes“ a film displays the text that written on the papers.

—> More info 

Thread Knot

Loop film: 00:05:19  / 2012. 
- Dance loop movement of thread
- Loop movement of “Mother Hands” making Knot.
- Three movements of butter papers.
—> See the video

Butter papers installation / all space 200x100cm / 2012.

 Thread knot in plastic box. 20x22x8cm, 2012

Vanishing Point


2 Loop videos / 6 sec. / 2011. 
Composition between 2 videos, 2 focusing lines:
- Camera and object. Vanishing Point.
- Cameraman and soldier. this video from (youtube) Syria, the cameraman killed by the same soldier that he was filming. 
—> more info 

Photo of  film ID space,  Vanishing point, Form and Body,  the form is the Focusing point of the camera, it’s built from: 16 paper rolls on canvas, size 110x90cm, 2011.


Photo of Installation project in cell, prison of “Forte Prenestino”, Crack festival , Rome ,Italy. June 2010
Moths are the reincarnation of the dead people in Forte Prenestino in Rome.!
I surprised by a huge amount of moths are tearing the cells space in "Forte Prenestino". I remembered the myth of Moths reincarnation. “The moths were persons lived & died in this space, and returned to the same place in a moths form. Then I just ask: How many prisoners who died in this prison?”

Chemical Abstract

Installation of old books „Chemical Abstract Dictionaries - 1940s“, 2011

Love Comes First

Love Comes First, it’s a performance project, was in 23.10.2010, in Majdal Shams, Golan Heights. Around 200 people have been wrote with there body's the statement: Love Comes First (in Arabic), on the football field space in Majdal Shams Village.

The " Takt " is nothing more than a sound movement that has been done in a visual form.

Takt III, Acrylic on paper, 150x208cm, 2010

Takt Los IIII, Acrylic on paper, 151x163cm, 2010. —> More info


Niche, installation on the wall, acrylic on canvas, 150x56cm, 2009.

Staring at the moon 

Deer, Acrylic on paper, 14x17cm, 2009.

Cow, Acrylic on paper, 26x31cm, 2009

“One night in the night, silent in a small alley, i face a face of Cow, the nose almost touch the nose, face to face, both of us ran away! ” —> More info

Puppet - Sp 

Sp, puppets project ,Oil on canvas, 185x140cm, 2005.  —> More info
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